Founded in 1992, Earth & Peace Education International (EPE)* aims to promote the recognition of the reciprocal relationship between ecological degradation and the violation of human rights on a local, national and global level. Contextual sustainability, the organizing principle underlying EPE’s educational approach, defines this relationship. It assumes that the Earth is the primary context and essential foundation of all social activity and that ecological sustainability is key to achieving a culture of peace. Reciprocally, respect for human rights characterizes the social context essential to ecological sustainability.

EPE’s educational activities aim to contribute to the achievement of a culture of social and ecological peace, i.e , a society whose norms are based on ecological sustainability, nonviolence, social justice, intergenerational equity and participatory decision-making. They facilitate the development of an integrated and value-based perspective on issues related to these values.

*EPE was formerly known as Earth and Peace Education Associates International and originally as the Society of Ecological Educators.